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I swear I'm not actively searching for games with decapitation themes. I just keep running into them.

Spoilers for SOMA, obviously.

So, SOMA is a cute, colorful and funny game for the whole family. Just kiddin'! I got it on the last Halloween sale so yea, it's horror. It also has one of the most depressive premises ever: Earth has been scorched by a comet and everyone except an underwater station staff is dead. That group plans to transfer their consciousness-es (how do you make a plural out of this?) into a space probe, which results in mass suicide. Nice, eh?

To top this, the crazy computer figures the best way to save humanity is to combine everyone and everything with some science goo, including living people, dead people, people who's been dead for centuries, walls, robots and animals. This mess is an excuse for cyborg sharks, weird monsters roaming around, people randomly being embedded in walls and all other kinds of body horror.

Except one single section, where all this is mostly thrown out and replaced by headless people.

It starts innocently enough. Just two bodies randomly lying on the floor. Nothing to see here, just the usual SOMA, move along.

Soma 2016-11-26 11-17-31-43 by Headviant Soma 2016-11-26 11-17-15-40 by Headviant

Then it gets a bit more weird:

Soma 2016-11-26 12-04-10-99 by Headviant Soma 2016-11-26 12-04-21-78 by Headviant

And then, well somebody on the dev team must have loved the idea because you literally start tripping over headless bodies all over the place.

Soma 2016-11-26 12-15-33-10 by Headviant Soma 2016-11-26 12-46-41-00 by Headviant

Soma 2016-11-26 12-47-34-87 by Headviant Soma 2016-11-26 12-47-46-33 by Headviant Soma 2016-11-26 12-47-56-43 by Headviant
What's going on here? Was there a party and I wasn't invited?

Soma 2016-11-26 12-52-07-83 by Headviant
This limited special offer will blow your mind! Click here!

Soma 2016-11-26 13-11-02-14 by Headviant
The same two folks from the beginning, except one of them has moved, presumably on his/her own. Subtle.

And that's not all. That lady you find in the diving suit? She becomes your player character. See, rather than removing the body from the suit and dressing up like any normal, non-deviant undead cyborg would do, it's apprently more effective to stick a spare robot head into her neck and use her body to move around. And if I understand correctly, that's the same way your first character was created at the beginning of the story. So yea, your player characters are 2 headless women. Oh, and your companion generally takes form of a disembodied woman's head. Go figure.

How many of Irrational Games artists are NBMers here on dA? Heads up!
  • Playing: Not SOMA anymore. I had enough, thanks.

Doesn't this song capture vibe perfectly?

As a side note, if you have a PS3/PS4, Life is Strange is on PSN for £5 (or regional equivalent, I guess). Go get it if you haven't yet, no excuses. Or better yet get the collector's edition if you can find one.
  • Listening to: Life is Strange soundtrack. How did you guess?


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